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1 Bulb or 5 Bulbs LED Accelerate Teeth Whitening Light

EXW Price:
US $0.43 - $0.78/piece/pc
Min. Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Supply Ability:
100000 pieces per Month.

Payment Terms:
Paypal, T/T, Western Union, etc.
Scope of application: 
1. For teeth dyeing of beverages such as smoking and drinking coffee for a long time, drug-induced tooth discoloration (tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis), old age or hereditary yellow teeth have a good effect.
2. Product Features: Advanced light technology combined with a special formula of gel, can quickly eliminate the surface and deep stains. The amazing parts of this product is the removal of stains such as coffee, tea, cigatrette, red wine, fruit juice, cola, and the stains caused by aging.

1. Apply tooth whitening glue on the inner wall of the dental tray
2. Grasp the tray, align the teeth whitening light with the tray, and surround the light-emitter with your lips.
3. Press the switch button on the light emitter to make the light emitter glow
4. The light emitter will automatically stop emitting light after 30 minutes.
 When using the teeth whitening light for the first time, please open the back of the battery cover, remove the gasket from the middle of the two button batteries, and reinstall the battery, and then can use.