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3ml 5ml 10ml 0.1%-44% CP or HP Teeth Whitening Gel

EXW Price:
US $0.4 - $0.98/piece/pc
Min. Order Quantity: 100 pcs
Supply Ability:
1000000 pieces per Month.

Payment Terms:
Paypal, T/T, Western Union, etc
Application area:
1. Applicable to all kinds of exogenous turbid color such as smoke stains, tea stains, coffee, cola, red wine, colored food, bad habits and other reasons caused by yellow teeth, black teeth;
2. For severe dental fluorosis and severe tetracycline teeth, there are certain improvements in the use of this product, but the effect is limited.
Note: The whitening gel is placed out of reach of children. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Product Features:
1) A unique care formula that quickly solidifies on the surface of the teeth, cleans the teeth and removes stains. The
2) Easy to operate, avoiding the cumbersome traditional whitening method.
3) Can be carried around, at home or on the go.
4) After use, the white and bright teeth will give you a new look and recreate your charming toothy smile.
5) The company has a variety of formulas to meet the different requirements of customers f, currently selling 0.1% cp-44% cp, 0.1% hp-35% hp.