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China Factory Price High Quality Needles Auto Derma Roller

Item No.: MYM
Exw Price:
US $20-$25
Min. Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces
Sample: Can supply.
Payment Terms:
Paypal, T/T, Western Union, etc.
Principle: The principle of microneedle beauty is to use tiny needles on the microneedle roller to stimulate the skin. In a very short time, microneedles can make more than a few million microchannels, so that the active ingredients can effectively penetrate the skin, then with wrinkle-removing, whitening, repair, stretch marks, scars and other special effects products, to achieve the reduction of wrinkles, treatment of scars and stretch marks, skin whitening, lightening spots, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue etc other ideal results. At the same time, the microneedle stimulates the dermis layer,  through the skin self-healing ability to promote bone collagen hyperplasia and can make the thickness  of the epidermal layer of the skin can be increased by about 8%, the effect can be comparable to laser and filling type of plastic surgery.

1. Utilize the natural healing power of the wound without hardening the skin or causing the skin cells to contract.
2. The micro-needles can make a large number of micro-channels so that the active ingredients can effectively penetrate the skin (in just five minutes, more than 200,000 micro-holes can be created).
3. The side effects are extremely low.
4. The use of micro-needle treatment is simple and can be used for general outdoor activities including sun exposure.

Application scope:
Suitable for eye wrinkles, head lines, mouth lines and other synergistic wrinkles, as well as facial aging and photoaging fine lines, fine lines and loose aging skin. Instantly elevates and awakens skin's regenerative function, reduces fine lines and reduces expression lines.

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