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High Quality Dental Laser Teeth Whitening Machine

Item No.: MD-885
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US $285 - 400 one set.
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The tooth whitening device is a dental treatment instrument for patients with tooth coloration.

The principle of cold light whitening is to use high-intensity blue light with a wavelength between 480-520 nanometers. Through two optical lenses coated treated with more than 30 times, it removes all harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and illuminates the special whitening agent to the teeth. In the shortest time, let the whitening agent pass through the dentinal tubules produce redox effect with the pigments which deposited on the surface and deep layers of the teeth for many years, and then make the teeth return to the white before unstained.

Applicable to most unknown causes, causing black and yellow flank
Exogenous pigmentation (smoke, coffee, cola, etc.)
Endogenous pigmentation (tetracycline teeth, etc.)
Dental fluorosis
Congenital color unevenness.

This model with the camera.